How Text Message Marketing Works.

SMS marketing is actually pretty simple. Let us explain the basics...

1. Create a Campaign

When you reserve a phone number for our long code servive and/or a keyword for our short code service, it becomes yours. It's unique to your business or organization and is what people text to join your SMS marketing list. 

When someone texts your keyword, they'll get an instant response back that you can easily customize. We call these messages "auto-replies". You can even "split test" your campaign to see what pulls customers to your business best. 

2. Grow Your List   

In addition to receiving your customized auto-response, when someone texts your keyword, they'll also be added to your text marketing list.

Now you should promote your list to let people know how they can join. You can create flyers, post info on your website, Facebook, and ask your customers and clients face to face. Maybe even offer them an incentive in your auto-reply for joining your list. Implement our patent pending viral listbuilder service to grow your list even FASTER!

The larger your list gets, the more powerful and effective it will become!

3. Send out your text

The next time business is slow or you need to get the word out about an event or promotion, just log into your account at and send a text and/or picture message out to your list of subscribers. They'll get it within seconds.

When customers receive your texts and picture messages, they're prompted to take immediate action, driving traffic to your business when you need it most.

Customers benefit from SMS & MMS marketing because they gain instant access to deals and updates from the businesses like yours that they choose to follow.

To be as effective as possible with your campaigns, it's important that you follow the basic best practices for text marketing.


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